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Why you have to choose LifeCare only

Huge Test Menu – We can do more than 3000 test in our advance lab at minimal costs

Readymade brand – Well recognized chain, delivering quality and top-line diagnostic services since 2012


5 Star Performer – In year 2019, LifeCare did approximately 350,000 tests with approximately 210,000 patients


Presence– We have good known presence around with an overall experience of more than 8 years.


Quality/Accuracy – Double processing is done before reports are forwarded.

Assurance and quality which even big competitors can't give.

Requirements for getting selected as a Victoria LifeCare Franchisee

Area requirement: 200 sqft – 600 sqft (Ground floor required.)

Refundable Security Deposit of Rs. 1 lakhs to be made to Victoria Life Care Ltd


Minimum Investment of over INR 1- 2 Lacs

More details in further proceedings.

Support you get for being a Victoria LifeCare Franchise

Proper assistance and guidance how to do things right.​

We tell you how to bring more business and attract customers

Branding, Marketing and Sales Support

Management and mentorship.

Applying for franchise this easy!

You will receive a call from our Managing Director soon!

A Unit of Victoria Life Care Pvt. Ltd.


Call Now: 7388889801

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